About Me

Salt Lake County- UT


A few things to get to know me...

I love. Family. Friends. Learning. Traveling. Sports and of course Photography!!! 

My greatest joy is to create a moment you can treasure forever!

I love to laugh and have fun and pretty much make a fool of myself to help everyone feel at ease. Photography is my small way of sharing joy and light into the world! 


I shoot in natural light and focus on the natural beauty that we are surrounded by!

A few things to understand my style... I shoot for a more classic look, true to the surroundings, not trendy editing that changes year to year. I will not pose you in awkward prom poses. I encourage a more unposed look as well as traditional shots. I do not over photoshop images and like to keep true to the scene. 



I am based in Utah but am willing to travel! 


~ Cami ~


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Cami Haderlie


Salt Lake City, Utah

Tel: 801-971-2264

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